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How do I use my Zilla credit?

Last updated September 27, 2022

It’s really easy. Once you have the credit in your Zilla Wallet, it can be used to purchase anything you want from any of our Merchants.

Let’s imagine Tobi wants to get a pair of Sneakers that costs 120,000 Naira from Sneakerhead NG, and he has 215,000 Naira in Zilla shopping credit, all he has to do is visit Sneakerhead’s website or send them a DM on Instagram. He then goes ahead to make the payment using the credit available in his wallet.

Tobi pays a downpayment of 25% (30,000 naira) and the rest of the cost (90,000 naira) is covered by his shopping credit. Tobi now has up to 8 weeks to pay the balance of 90,000 and still has 125,000 naira in shopping credit to spend on other items. 

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